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Evernote (Online)

Course Description

Save project inspiration you find online and in the real world with Evernote. Snap a picture, record audio, clip entire webpages. Save all kinds of information (documents, hand written notes, audio, images) in one place. Record meetings, store files, save receipts, scan contracts, and store contracts. Create a digital file cabinet for all of your projects, documents, and to-dos; add multiple layers of an organization using notebooks, notebooks stacks, and tags. Find what you need fast. Search by keyword or tag and quickly find what you are looking for (even typed and handwritten text inside of attached photos, images, PDFs, documents, spread sheets, and presentation).

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Learn to create and use an Evernote account.
  • Store photos, PDFs, notes, web sites and so much more.
  • Learn to use Evernote beyond the basics such as business card list, reminders and more.
  • Know how to get digitally organized
  • Understand how to safe guard your research
  • Know how to access your data in three different ways
  • Be able to keep notes, pictures, websites, audio, business cards and reminders all in one place

Course Content


  • Home screen
  • Create & edit notes
  • Share notes

Create a notebook

  • Browse notes
  • Organize notes
  • Moving notes

Searching notebooks & notes

  • Notebook stacking
  • Tags & shortcuts
  • Attachments

Desktop & cell phone

  • Sync your accounts
  • Reminders
  • Apps, apps & more apps



CEUs: 1.6

Fee: $195