Fall Trends (and we aren’t talking about “moody florals”)

Fall Trends (and we aren’t talking about “moody florals”)

Contributor: Katie Karpinski

While some of us may still be living in utter denial surrounding the approaching fall season, the cool weather brings with it new beginnings, new trends, and even more opportunities. That’s right, fall trends aren’t just something for you to flip through while waiting in line to buy your plethora of pumpkin spice-flavored goods. Instead of checking out your grocery mix, check out your marketing mix. And while you’re at it, take a look at these marketing trends that are making a statement this fall…

1. Trust

They say the key to any good relationship is trust. They also say that it’s a marketer’s job to form relationships between the company and consumer-- see where I’m going with this? Trust between customers and companies has been challenged more than ever. With increased access to information, customers are keenly aware and privy to false advertising. Building trust among consumers is critical to customer retention. Some firms are already ahead of the game, using social influencers to promote products and creating a more transparent corporate profile. It’s time to question whether your customers trust you, and if not—you better get working.

2. Personalization

Everyone likes to feel special, so why not make your audience feel AMAZING? The technology available now gives marketers the amazing opportunity to tailor specific messages to specific audiences (Hello, customer segmentation!) and create a more personalized experience for each customer. There is a steady push towards more customized and personalized experiences and goods, the tools are out there, and marketers should be using them. Just like a favorite pair of jeans, the marketing message should fit the individual perfectly.

3. Video

Video is that “little black dress” in the back of your closet (or “little black suit” for all the men reading this). Video is something that has never gone out of style since its introduction in the mid 2000’s. People love to sit back and watch an entertaining tutorial or comical play on current events. Livestreaming has also been on the climb, combining two basic customer demands: instant, relevant information. For marketers, this is a great opportunity to promote new products, expand brand awareness, and even foster engagement across social media platforms. The best part—all you need is a smart phone to get started. No need to brush off that 8mm, 10lb camera from the 1990’s, you’ve got all you need in your back pocket.


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