Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

I said in my one of my posts that Fourth of July was my favorite holiday, and Halloween a close second. To be honest, my favorite holiday revolves around what holiday is closest mostly because I get more and more excited about it. For those reasons and food, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; the football (both playing and watching), the weather, the family… sometimes.

But Thanksgiving is or should be about giving thanks and being grateful, right? At the end of the day, stripping Thanksgiving of all the political overtones and arguments, we should take a brief moment to reflect. Beyond of course our family, friends, etc., I personally am thankful for education, and I think more people should be thankful for this if I can be bold for a moment. It’s something we - we as in the people reading this - too often take for granted. But, it’s basic psychology: things that we perceive as regular or normal tend to fade into the background. Well Thanksgiving is here to bring awareness back to those things that are just normal. Down with psychology, up with giving thanks!

We should be grateful about the fact that we actually have resources we can use to grow ourselves personally and professionally. This is no small thing. Though, perhaps this Thanksgiving season we go further. Perhaps we reach out to someone who wants to take a class, seminar, or workshop but can’t afford it and we pay for it. Maybe this is what giving thanks is all about: to give to people who can’t at the moment appreciate what we take for granted on a daily basis.


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