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Why Entrepreneurs Should Step Out of their Office

Contributor: Katie Van Dyke During my time working with entrepreneurs, I have had many ask me if I would buy their product. A product they had put a...

Education Beyond the Degree Provides New Grads a Competitive Edge

 Education Beyond the Degree Provides New Grads a Competitive Edge   Cleveland State University has a proud tradition of providing affordable...

The Need for Small Business Self Realization

Attention small businesses…you’re not that small! Working with many small businesses, I am reminded of the song “She Don't Know She's Beautiful...

What’s In a Name? That Which We Call a Leader By Any Other Name Would Perform Just as Well?

Lauren Niepokny, Contributor This take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, is different. In the original quote, “what’s in a name? That which we call...

Tales of the Millennial Shopper - 5 How-To's in Building the Customer Relationship

Start your Sales & Marketing Efforts Early: 5 How-To's in Building the Customer RelationshipBrandie Blankenship, Contributor Autumn has begun....

Insight Into Adrian Rutt, Graduate Assistant

Adrian Rutt is a new member of the Professional Development Center team. Adrian is our new Graduate Assistant who is getting his Masters degree in...

Leadership; It’s Not What You Think It is…

Contributor: Adrian Rutt “What makes a good leader?” The question itself produces list upon list of personality traits, attributes from historic...

March Madness Behind the Curtains - It Isn't So Mad

Contributor: Adrian Rutt Last week the 15th seed, Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders upset a number 2 seed, Michigan State Spartans. It was a fairy tale...

The Organization's Barometer

Contributor: Adrian Rutt It’s comes as no surprise anymore that administrative professionals are the ones in any organization that know what’s...

An Insider's Perspective: A Glimpse Inside the Classroom of the Motivation of Dan Pink's Drive

An Insider's Perspective of the Motivation of Dan Pink's Drive course at CSU's Professional Development Center Contributor: Adrian Rutt, CSU...

Life Lessons My Mom Taught Me About the “Real World”

Contributor: Adrian Rutt Although mothers are (or should be) appreciated year-round, and our appreciation for them almost always falls short, I...

Journey Thinking & Destination Thinking

Contributor: Adrian Rutt I truly think that there’s an inverse correlation between how much people say “it’s the journey, not the destination” and...

The Scariest Moment of Your Life

Contributor: Adrian Rutt Would you rather sleep alone in a haunted house for a night or stand up in front of a room full of your peers and give...

College of Business

What's Happening -November 4, 2016

Contributor: Adrian Rutt   For one thing, everybody—and I mean everybody—wears headphones. Walking around the College of Business this morning...

What's Happening - November 7, 2016

Contributor: Adrian Rutt   Smell that? That's the smell of education in the morning. The cogs of the Cleveland State College of Business are...

What's Happening - November 9, 2016

Contributor: Adrian Rutt There's a predictable air of grogginess taking over Cleveland State this morning, and the College of Business is no...

What's Happening? - November 14

Fresh off a three-day weekend, I find myself staring down the barrel of a school season in full swing. Meaning, Monday is presenting me with three...

What's Happening - November 18, 2016

It's Friday! You know what that means, time to par - wait. Before we do that, it's time to discuss workplace interactions. I know, I know, 60 to...

What's Happening - November 22, 2016

Today our staff meeting took a bit of a, shall we say, odd turn. We started by talking about a speaker who was in town, then IT and other related...

Giving Thanks

I said in my one of my posts that Fourth of July was my favorite holiday, and Halloween a close second. To be honest, my favorite holiday...

What's Happening - November 28, 2016

As everyone slowly awakes from their post-Turkey day comas, we at the Professional Development office are up and at 'em. As they say, there's no...

What's Happening - November 30, 2016

This morning was a little different than most mornings for the ProDev staff: we held mock interviews for freshman and sophomores. I can honestly...

5 Life Lessons from Pearl Harbor

Contributor: Brandie Blankenship History.  History, in my opinion is the most important subject you can learn. Yes, math and reading are...

The Gift of (Continuing) Education

Contributor: Adrian Rutt Christmas is here. Unlike the vast majority of the population, I waited until it was actually December to point out the...

3 Steps to Keeping your Resolutions

Contributor: Brandie Blankenship We all start off the new year thinking it is the perfect time to change our bad habits. But all too often we...

Turning Dreaming Into Doing

Contributor: Brandie Blankenship Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream for civil rights in America. Dr. King was a great example of a leader....

The Most Powerful Weapon in the World

Contributor: Adrian Rutt Some say “the pen is mightier than the sword”.  I have often wondered how this cliche came to be and wonder if it still...

The Truth in the SuperBowl

Contributor: Adrian Rutt Did you know on average 114 million people watch the Super Bowl? Most of know the Super Bowl is a cultural staple. It’s not...

Three Levels of Getting Smarter

Contributor: Adrian Rutt My experience dealing with and within the field of education has provided me with genuine insight into how people learn...

Mom, The Remarkable Woman

Contributor: Adrian Rutt Mother's Day is just around the corner. So get some flowers, chocolate, and a whole lot of love and show those mothers some...

The Struggle of Content Marketing

Contributor: Adrian Rutt It’s no secret anymore. You can’t fight it. No matter how hard you try, it’s going to happen. It’s taking over. You only...

What you should know about workplace safety and cyber security

Contributor: Katie Karpinski “Cyber-attacks are a very relevant threat to small businesses” says Keith Behrendt, IT Solutions Specialist at All...

Clear Skies for Customer-Centric Companies

Contributor: Katie Karpinski Over the past several weeks, our country has been pushed to the limit. With two historical hurricanes and hundreds of...

What We Can Learn from this Year's Emmy Wins

Contributor: Katie Karpinski The 2017 Emmy Awards left some people scratching their heads. Whereas Netflix and HBO were the predicted front-runners...

Fall Trends (and we aren’t talking about “moody florals”)

Contributor: Katie Karpinski While some of us may still be living in utter denial surrounding the approaching fall season, the cool weather brings...

Afternoons at Ahuja: A 20/20 look at the year 2020

Contributor: Katie Karpinski Entering its 14th year, Afternoons and Ahuja expectedly delivered an interesting, entertaining, and insightful panel on...

Your Customer Service Cheat Sheet

Contributor: Katie Karpinski Customer service is a relativity new concept. Sure, the phrase “the customer is always right” has been around for a...

What's Happening - October 6, 2017

Contributor: Katie Karpinski I don’t know about you, but for me the month of October has always been one of pure anticipation. October is really the...

IT Business Breakfast Series: Technology and the Workplace of the Future

Contributor: Katie Karpinski Mark your calendar on October 25th for the upcoming Business IT Breakfast Series: Technology and the Workplace of the...

What's Happening - October 13, 2017

This week is ending in a very sober and spooky way. People are still recovering from the Indian’s tragic loss on Wednesday night, both emotionally...

Telling Your Brand's Story through Video

Contributor: Katie Karpinski Show don’t tell. If you’ve ever sat through a creative writing class you know what I’m talking about. This idea of “...

What's Happening - October 20, 2017

Contributor: Katie Karpinski This week, I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 Supplier Diversity Vendor Xchange event. For those of you who might...

The 3 Fears of Leaders

Contributor: Katie Karpinski With Halloween right around the corner, it draws to mind childhood memories of hiding from the monster under the bed,...

What's Happening - October 27, 2017

Contributor: Katie Karpinski Walking through the halls of the College of Business today, I couldn’t help but notice the general fog of fatigue that...

The Fear of Innovation: What’s holding you back?

Contributor: Katie Karpinski Just because Halloween 2017 has come and gone, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t some spooks and scares still lurking...

What's Happening - November 3, 2017

Contributor: Katie Karpinski This morning I was actually able to enjoy the short walk between my car and the welcoming doors of the College of...

The 5 P’s of Problem Solving

Contributor: Katie Karpinski Leaders are faced with unique challenges every day. Not only are they expected to lead effectively, monitor diligently...

What's Happening - November 10, 2017

Contributor: Katie Karpinski Today the College of Business is quiet—why? Because today the university is celebrating Veterans Day. While we may be...

Responsive Web Design: What is it? And why do you need it?

Contributor: Katie Karpinski  Don’t you just love it when the barista gives you a decaf coffee instead of a regular? Or how about when the waiter...

What's Happening- November 17, 2017

Contributor: Katie Karpinski  This week, The Professional Development Center had students participate in our Developing Grit and Resiliency course....

We can't all be Martha Stewart... or can we?

Contributor: Katie Karpinski    Planning a successful event is by far one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. With so many moving parts, and...

What's Happening- Cleveland Tableau at CSU

Contributor: Katie Karpinski  On December 5th, the Cleveland Tableau User Group will be hosting their final meeting of the semester here at...

A Marketer’s Guide to the Holidays

Contributor: Katie Karpinski    Well, the time is finally here. Thanksgiving has passed and the stressful, exciting, and hectic holiday season has...

What’s Happening- December 1st, 2017

Contributor: Katie Karpinski  It’s hard to believe that finals week is only two weeks away! The semester (and really the entire autumn season) has...

Guilt-Free Gift Giving in Four Easy Steps

Contributor: Katie Karpinski  The holiday season: you love it, you hate it. You hate to love it. It’s a time of generosity, compassion, and...

What's Happening- December 8, 2017

Contributor: Carl Paoletta...

Your Professional Guide to 2018 Trends

  Contributor: Katie Karpinski  Everyone is looking to see what trends will take force in 2018. (I, for one, am hoping that leisure-wear soon...

What's Happening- January 19, 2018

Contributor:  Katie Karpinski  Welcome back everyone! I must admit, as hard as it is to come back after nearly a month of break, it’s nice to be...

New Year, New Tax Code, New Opportunities

Contributor: Katie Karpinski  The new tax bill released by congress has everyone shaking their heads and wandering: how will this affect me? While I...

What's Happening- January 26, 2018

Contributor: Carl Paoletta  Hey everyone! Hopefully you all are settling in and enjoying your new classes! With syllabus week completely behind us...

The Secret Language of Structured Query Language (SQL)

Contributor: Katie Karpinski With the Super Bowl only a few short days away, it’s safe to say that “Football Fever” is at an all-time high. Don’t...

What's Happening- February 2, 2018

Contributor: Katie Karpinski  Happy Groundhog Day! Well, the Groundhog has seen its shadow, so you know what that means: six more weeks of wonderful...

What's Happening- February 9, 2018

Contributor: Carl Paoletta Happy Friday and congrats on making it through another week! And if there are any Eagles fans reading this, congrats on...

3 Simple Tips to Help Prevent that Awkward Office Romance

Contributor: Katie Karpinski Ahhh- Valentine’s Day. It’s a day that seems to split people into two basic groups. There are those who believe the...

The Five Rules of Sustainable Leadership

Contributor: Katie Karpinski There are countless blogs, articles, books, and even movies available for those wishing to be a better leader. Whether...

What's Happening- February 16, 2018

Contributor: Katie Karpinski  There’s an old riddle that’s goes something like this… A father and son are driving home after a long day of fishing....

What's Happening - February 23, 2018

Contributor: Carl Paoletta I never thought I would be so concerned about the time zone in South Korea, but throughout these past few weeks I have...

5 Simple Ways to Develop your Workforce

Contributor: Katie Karpinski The latest tax break has been a gift to many companies. With this increase in savings, the question now lies in how to...

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Satisfied Clients

MS Office Excel 2016: Data Analysis with Power Pivot
Instructor: Ginger O'Brien

Really nice and great instruction. Really good useful info. Loved this class!

Stephanie Nunley, Cleveland State University Administrative Coordinator

MS Office 2016: Data Analysis with Power Pivot
Instructor: Ginger O'Brien

Instructor was available for one on one interaction. She also researched every issue until a resolution was found.

Christiana Albert, InterDesign Buyer/Planner

Crafting Policies & Procedures
Instructor name: Beth Kilbane

Great snack selection. Great class content and instruction.


Bess Antol, Administrator Coordinator at Cleveland State University

Crafting Policies & Procedures
Instructor name: Beth Kilbane

Many ideas to improve project. Opened my eyes to areas in my work where improvement is needed.


Jacqueline Doyle, Nursing Home Administrator

Instructor Name: Robert A. Edmonds Jr. 

"This is an excellent course. I feel like I learned a lot in one day, and am surprised at how much valuable information I am walking away with. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Great instructor! Respectful and good at answering questions and helping us through problems. He is very knowledgeable about the subject.

The HANDS-ON course, it allows you to learn BETTER and take away more valuable information. Everything was great. It was very nice to have snacks, drinks, and a Keurig in the classroom. Such a nice gesture."

Rachel Brown - Graphic Design and Marketing Coordinator The Center For Health Affairs/Champs Healthcare.

Excel Intro:
Instructor Name: Toni Paoletta

A little more information on filtering would be good. Comments about the instructor: Very friendly, loves the material that was taught.

Ralph Walker - CSU

Excel Intro:
Instructor Name: Toni Paoletta

I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Learned a great deal more than I know. The ease of the instructor to show & teach the material. Excellent class. 

Patricia Petrusky - Education Law Association.

Certificate of Accelerated Leadership: Creating High Performance Team
Instructor: Kyle O’Dell

Information applicable to real life work situations. Very informative

Yuliya Demchuk - Progressive Insurance

New Supervisor:
Instructor: Tom Herlevi

Going over real life concerns of participants and doing hands-on exercises. 

Bruce Menapace - Psychologist

Instructor: Charles Newton

Excellent, I came with no base of understanding and now, I will be able to direct my team on the new database development. I will have meetings to review the coding. Excellent Instructor.
Training was fast and good. Should send the material by email beforehand to read it and be better prepared for the class.

Miguel Duran - Trade Compliance Manager, CCL Industries

Instructor: Charles Newton

Very good instructor. In other classes I have taken, the PC navigation was very confusing. Not so here. Easy to navigate PC so I can pay attention to instructor. In my opinion the strongest aspect of the training is doing the exercises.

Jan Sell - Business Analyst, TFS

Instructor: Charles Newton

“ Each person was able to work at his/her own time and level of understanding.”

Miguel Duran - Trade Compliance Manager, CCL Industries

Leveraging Your Strengths:
Instructor: Tracy Porter

In my opinion the strongest aspect of the training- applicable to real job situation.  

Julia Demchuk - Sr. Licensing Coordinator, Progressive Insurance

Leveraging Your Strengths:

Would like to participate more and hear what classmate’s experiences were/are. The content is great.

Dan Ross - Director of Operations, Landmark RE Management

Effective Writing for Business:
Instructor Name: John Soeder

The course was very helpful in obtaining different tools on how to have the skills needed for effective writing for business. The instructor was well prepared, very helpful; ability to explain new concepts well. The Professional Development Center was very good; very professional.
The strongest aspect of the training was the “tool box”. Suggestion: More of computer usage.

Linda Chance - Account Clerk, CSU

Effective Writing for Business:
Instructor Name: John Soeder

The course was very informative and refreshing. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject matter, offered great reference materials, and helpful with real work experiences. It offered me a refresher course on the writing progress. 

Sheila Gardner - Supervisor, CSU

In Design II:
Instructor: April Clark

The instructor: April. She is very knowledgeable instructor. Enthusiastic, comes to your computer and keeps everyone up to right spot.

Heather Caprette Sr. - Media Developer/Instructional Designer, CSU

Excel Intermediate:
Instructor Name: Debbie Korodi

“The strongest point of the training was how hands on it was.”

J. Reeves - Budget Manager, City of Cleveland

Excel Intermediate:
Instructor Name: Debbie Korodi

“The strongest point of the training was the pivots demonstrations and short cuts.”

Yvonne Tate - Accountant II, City of Cleveland

Excel Intermediate:
Instructor Name: Debbie Korodi

“The instructor was very knowledgeable. Very good” 

Cherise Coles - HRG, Erie Insurance Group

Certificate of Accelerated Leadership: Creating High Performance Team
Instructor: Kyle O’Dell

Kyle was enthusiastic- enjoyed his lecture.

Dave Ross - Landmark RE Management