Education Beyond the Degree Provides New Grads a Competitive Edge | CSU Pro Dev

Education Beyond the Degree Provides New Grads a Competitive Edge

 Education Beyond the Degree Provides New Grads a Competitive Edge


Cleveland State University has a proud tradition of providing affordable education to the Cleveland business community. As a result, the Professional Development Center in the Monte Ahuja College of Business offers relevant, non-credit, continuing education learning opportunities for corporations, professionals, students AND alumni. Our competency-based workshops, web seminars and courses are designed to fit the needs of the working professional and use relevant, real-world examples.

“Our courses are designed to minimize travel and time away from work – perfect for young alumni beginning their career in Cleveland,” said Toni Paoletta, Manager of the Professional Development Center. “In addition to our flexible schedule, all-inclusive tuition and excellent instructors, we offer an alumni discount.”   

Courses are delivered either in-person or online and cover a range of topics in accounting/finance, business management, human resources, organizational development, information technology, leadership, sales and marketing.

“CSU ProDev is an excellent, useful, in-demand service with immeasurable benefits to last a lifetime. In an exponentially competitive world, the services that ProDev offer can change any working professional’s life. ProDev provides a service for anyone looking to gain a competitive edge in their careers, which, in this extremely competitive environment, is nothing short of a necessity. “ – Brianna Artino, Class of 2015 - Marketing and Non Profit Administration.

In addition, learners receive digital credentials to add to their LinkedIn profiles that can help set them apart from other candidates while searching for a position or promotion. Digital credentials provide evidence of the type of continuing education that you have completed, the assessments you completed to earn the credential and evidence that you have mastered a skill. “Employers are looking for that candidate today that has both classroom learning and real-world experience,” said Paoletta. “Digital credentials are one way that young alumni can demonstrate expertise in a specific skill set.” Visit the Professional Development Center today to learn more about the courses offered: