3 Steps to Keeping your Resolutions

3 Steps to Keeping your Resolutions

Contributor: Brandie Blankenship

We all start off the new year thinking it is the perfect time to change our bad habits. But all too often we end up giving up after a week, 2 weeks or if you’re lucky… a month.  The problem is sometimes we focus on changing too many things or we think if we messed up that we can’t try again.

Why do we do this?

Most of the time we give up because we overwhelm ourselves.  So this year, think of just one very specific thing you would like to improve upon in your personal life or career life. Pick something that will make an impact and come up with multiple ways you can improve in that area so you don’t give up. Maybe it’s improving your time management skills, communicating better, overcoming your fear of public speaking, being a better listener, etc. If you focus on one thing your chances of success will increase.  According to a recent study, 64% of executives believe they have too many priorities.Companies with fewer priorities actually show more growth.  

Here are 3 easy steps to help you focus your priorities in the coming year:

Step 1: Focus on one thing you want to improve

After you have decided what you want to change, take an action that requires you to make a change. According to Harvard Business Review, studies show that planning will increase your chances of success by roughly 300%. If you make a commitment, it is harder for you to say no.

Step 2: Take action that requires change and makes you practice

As they say, "Practice makes "perfect".

Step 3: Find an accountability partner

Lastly, pick someone to hold you accountable.  Having someone to hold you accountable will give you the encouragement you need when you feel like giving up. They can help you refocus on the goal, identify what went or is going wrong, and improve little steps at a time instead of focusing on this one big goal that may seem unreachable at the time.

So, make a commitment today to improve yourself!