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Your Workplace Your Employees & the Law (Online)

Course Description

Designed for non-lawyers, this course will provide business owners, managers, supervisors, and HR professionals with a roadmap for effectively handling complicated employee-related issues that affect today’s legal-prone work environment. Each class contains guidelines, step-by-step compliance instructions, and practical leadership skills, methods, techniques, and proven strategies for successfully managing employees and for complying with state and federal workplace laws.

Course Content

Workplace Law Compliance

  • HR/Employer Recordkeeping Requirements.
  • Company Policies and Handbooks (What Works for You and Against in Court).
  • Understanding Federal Mandated Leave-of-Absence Laws (Guidelines, Forms, Policies & Tracking).
  • Legal Guidelines for Layoffs, Downsizing/Restructuring, Handling Unemployment Claims & Employee Recall Rights.
  • Joint (Dual) Employer Liability (Does It Apply to Your Workplace)?

Supervisors & The Law

  • How to Legally Track, Document & Discipline Employees.
  • How to Effectively Handle Employee Absenteeism & Punctuality Issues.
  • How to Handle Disgruntled & Bad-Attitude Employees without the Fear of Threats or Lawsuits.
  • Preventing Supervisor Liability (Employee Confidentiality/Privacy Issues, Discrimination, Retaliation, Bullying & Harassment).

 Handling Employee Grievances and Complaints

  • Understanding the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Process.
  • Legal “Do’s & Don’ts” for Handling Employee Grievances.
  • How to Develop an Effective Internal Dispute Resolution Policy/Procedure.
  • EEOC Guidelines for Conducting Workplace Investigations.

Selecting, Interviewing and Hiring the Best People

  • Guidelines for Pre-Screening Job Candidates.
  • How to Legally/Effectively Get Candidates to Talk About Reprimands, Previous Employers & Terminations.
  • Developing Excellent Interviewing Skills (Legal “Do’s & Don’ts”).
  • How to Catch Resume Fraud, Fakes, & Liars.
  • Guidelines for Legally Extending & Retracting Job Offers.
  • How to Deal with Bad Hiring Mistakes-Legally & Without Fear of Retaliation



CEUs: 1.6

Fee: $195